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The Band

It is rolling!
Are you asking what? Stones? Potatos? No way!

An avalanche of your favorite hits from groups like The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Shannon, The Beatles, The Showwaddywaddy, The Ronnets, The Shirelles, The Darts and many more!
And all of this in the wonderful interpretation of DDDB, a harmonic, vocal rock band which will make you twist and shout like never before.

Who is DDDB?

Part devil, part divine, incredible children of rock. They put on a show that will satisfy today´s most demanding rockers.
This impishly vocal, rythmically tuned group of boys and girls came onto the scene with their Ying Yang energy at the time when the principles of beauty and freedom were things remembered only by our grannies and grandpas, which was only good for musical simpletons who got used to their screaming mishmash. These heroic girls and handsome boys grabbed their out-of-tune instruments and started to make their first sounds, and through their unrelenting work crafted beautiful covers in the doo-wop style.