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Past concerts and references

22.05.2013 - Prague - PM club, Trojická 10, Praha 2

It´s time to arrange a concert for our fans. Now, in the new venue, near to the subway - Karlovo náměstí. Attention, we start before 20:00, because we need to stop the music before midnight...don´t miss it !!

Tog out, it´s time to dance!

19.04.2013 - "Tanec stavařů" Jihlava - hall of DKO Tolstého st. 2

together with Zatrestband


12.04.2013 - Záchlumí

Coming back on the venue, where we enjoyed a lot of fun. Hope, you´ll come back too. Starting at 20:00.

08.03.2013 - private party, Prague

Hotel u hvězdy, Praha

16.02.2013 - XVII. City ball in Studénka

the ball takes place at Dělnický house, Studénka

start: 20:00